Comic 13 - Presentation

24th Feb 2012, 8:09 PM
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Author Notes:

connorduh 2/24/2012, 20:09 edit delete
Man, this took forever to draw. I thought not having a giant drawing for every panel would take me less time, but that last panel was a killer here. New style though! And new people! Even a cameo from a friend of mine! Exciting things for Deej.
Aside from the obvious change to a more "page-like" layout, I thought that it would be good to make things just a little bit more exaggerated and cartoony. After all, it only seems natural with my drawing style. Also, Connor is being a little bit more of a jerk than we've seen in the past. Also dumber? Maybe the pressure is just getting to him.
Tell me what you think of these crazy new changes in the comments! And, as always, thanks for reading!

PS: Bonus points if you can identify the plant that the presentation is supposed to be about!



Low 2/24/2012, 21:40 edit delete reply
Heh, Connor should have let DJ done all the talking.

Yeah I learned that it's not so much about bigger or smaller panels, but more about how many in total. Keep trying things out and see what works for you. I think you handled both layouts fine.

connorduh 2/25/2012, 14:19 edit delete reply
Thanks, that's good to hear. I decided I wanted to try something new mainly because I realized I was trying to shorten the strips so that I wouldn't have to draw as much before. Hopefully, this layout will let me place less emphasis on the less important drawings and better distribute the dialogue.
mmmmm 3/5/2012, 18:08 edit delete reply
I ship Connor/Derek and I plan on drawing slash fanart.
connorduh 3/5/2012, 20:26 edit delete reply
I eagerly look forward to this. Also, how do you know his name is Derek in this comic? :0